Second Talgud – May 6th

The second Talgud of the season starts this Saturday! This year we are hoping you might help us again with more painting, pruning and repairs to prepare the site for the upcoming season!

With the anticipated rain and cool weather expect some indoor work and hopefully some outdoors for those who are prepared!

Eric Tiisler will be the Talgud Koordinator and will welcome you at the hall!

Food is being provided by Kitcheneri Eesti Selts!


Top Jobs

  • Raking of leaves, main entrance, cabins, basketball court
  • Removal of branches, logs and debris from winter
  • Pruning of vegetation around the hall and basketball hill
  • Removal of several damaged trees from winter and trimming of overhang
  • Painting of interior and exterior areas around the site
  • Transport of logs, junk and leaves
  • Cleaning of windows and floors
  • Minor carpentry repairs to windows and trim

Here is what you can bring:
Rakes, chain saws, trailers, trimmers, painting clothes, carpentry tools, Estonian work ethic!


TOP Projects Spring/Summer 2017

2017 Schedule

Season Date
Early Spring 22-Apr-17
Spring 06-May-17
Summer 03-Jun-17
Pre – Suvi 17-Jun-17
Fall 30-Sep-17


We need help with these larger projects. Let us know if you want to sink your teeth into something bigger and very meaningful.

Main Hall

  • Main hall flooring renovation

Cabin Renovations

  • Electrical improvements
  • 2 Bathrooms for Pautare (4 toilets, 4 sinks)
  • Changed layout configurations to increase capacity/better usage
  • Screen door replacement
  • Painting, fixing and winterizing!
  • New flooring for some areas

Red House

  • Foundation work, plumbing and electrical
  • Doors and windows repaired or replaced
  • New Playset – Red House


  • Hot water tank area enclosed, new window
  • Exterior siding with Seedrioru wood

Pond Improvements

  • Sauna dock replacement

We need your expertise!!!

All the above projects require someone with the skills and knowledge to keep our expenses down and the completion successful! It can be done on your own schedule if you cannot make the fall Talgud. There are many people available to help, but I need project managers to take the bull by the horns and organize themselves.