Summer Camp Wrap-Up

Summer Camp

Seedrioru Suvelaager 2017 was a resounding success, with fun and memorable times had by all. Along with traditional staples, we were very fortunate this year with the number of volunteers that came in to lead various activities that otherwise would not have been possible. Each week was centered on a general theme that gave a uniqueness to the experience of each.

The first week, ‘Seedrioru Homecoming’, focused on the traditions of Seedrioru including: ‘Sadie Hawkins’, ‘Monk’s’ Night, sports, crafts, and swimming, all capped off by our annual Maskeraad.

Our second week focused on more traditional Estonian activities, where the campers took part in traditional songs, crafts, weaving, baking, folk dancing, and language lessons – all on display at the end of the week during our annual Valguspidu. Among all the learning and practice we did not forget to have fun however, with plenty of time taken for outdoor games, swimming, and a full day-trip to Elora.

Third week brought our most anticipated activities of the year, with ‘Survivor Week’ lead as usual by the program’s creator Eric Tiisler. The younger campers worked earnestly on learning essential wilderness skills such as fire making, knife safety, and shelter building just to name a few. The older campers, with their skills already established, were able to design and build their own campgrounds and shelters, with a collaborative effort taken to create a ‘metsasaun’ by the river. Survivor week’s sub-theme this year was ‘Metsavennad’, with stories of the Estonian forest brothers inspiring many of the activities. In particular the campers enjoyed learning and singing the “Metsavendade Laul”. The finale of the week as usual included a night under the stars, where the campers were able to sleep in the shelters they built throughout the week.

The camp finished off strong in the final week, with a strong increase from pre-registration enrollment numbers. The theme of the week was Arts & Sciences, with the campers taking part in science experiments as well as fine arts such as pottery and sketching. In addition we had field trips to the Elora Arts Centre Canoe Showcase, the Elora quarry, and Bingeman’s waterpark in Kitchener.

Even with this year’s exceptional range of activities, the best and most important part of the Seedrioru experience was of course the time spent with friends. Unforgettable memories and friendships that will last a lifetime were made. This has been the true strength of Seedrioru since its beginnings, and the motto “leian sõpru hulgana” still rings true to this day. Thank you to everyone involved this year, and we hope to see everyone back again next year.


Camp Photos

Photos from camp this year are now up on our photos section


Thank you’s

The camp would not work without the huge help of our sponsors, workers, and volunteers


Camp Workers

  • Camp Director: Markus Eichenbaum
  • Camp Organizer: Kadri Nõmmik Munro
  • Lifeguards: Seliina McConville, Toomas Tiisler. 
  • Mudilased: Liisi Lainelo, Miguel delCastillo, Kate Hess, Kristiina McConville, Katrin Sõmermaa. 
  • Little Girl’s Counselor: Merlyn Tähe,  Mari Käärid
  • Middle Girl’s Counselor: Viiu Loub
  • Big Girl’s Counselor: Helle Wichman
  • Little Boy’s Counselors: Gregor Randla, Miguel delCastillo/Kaija Käärid
  • Middle Boys’s Counselor: Sven Wichman
  • Big Boy’s Counselor: Juhan Käärid
  • Eesti keele õpetaja (Estonian Language Teacher): Mai Rebane
  • Survivor Week Director: Eric Tiisler
  • Survivor week volunteers: Eerik Aljas, Jaan Jõgeda, Karl Rebane, Adam Virkus

Activity Volunteers

  • Activity Coordinator: Karen MustFishing: Andrew Aarlaht
  • Kringle (dessert) Baking: Karen Must, Rutti Yalle
  • Art: Kai Eichenbaum, Krista Koger, Linda Montgomery, Linda Sõber, Kadri Wichman
  • Handcrafts: Merike Koger, Evi Pertens, Kadri Munro
  • Singing: Lia Hess
  • Folk Dancing: Susan Vanaselja
  • Accordion: Lembit Nieländer
  • Rye Weaving: Merike Hess
  • Science:  Lisa Ross
  • Volleyball: Allan Luiker
  • Additional Helpers: Liisa Balazs, Helena Doughty, Katriina Nõmmik, Linda Paluveer, Elmo Pint, Erik Must


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