Camp Staff

Camp Staff


Camp Director

The director is responsible for organizing and running the camp. The director is responsible for coordination of the major weekly activities. The Camp Director stays on site and is involved daily with the staff and the kids.


At Seedrioru, we have a great mix of camp counselors who speak both English and Estonian. Depending on the size of the group, there will be one to two counselors for each age group of girls and for each age group of boys. The counselors supervise the kids and organize daily activities to keep them busy and entertained. For some activities, we bring in specialist counselors, such as a coach to teach the kids about volleyball, or an artist to help with crafts. Many of the counselors have attended the camp in the past and have a good grasp of which activities keep the kids engaged and excited.


A lifeguard is on site to supervise all swimming activities and ensure the kids are safe when in the water. The lifeguard has first aid training as well.

Head Chef & Kitchen Staff

The head chef and kitchen staff are responsible for creating the healthy and nutritious meals for our all our campers. The kitchen staff provides three meals a day and a delicious evening snack.

Interested in joining our staff?

Now hiring! We’re looking for counselors and kitchen staff. Please send applications to:  Application deadline is March 1st, 2015.

General Manager Wanted:

We are looking for a General manager. The General Manager will oversees Seedrioru operations on a day-to-day basis and acts as the operations representative for regulatory inspections, rental coordination, summer camp administration, cottager coordination and maintenance contractor oversight. For more details, please click here for the job posting.