Events at Seedrioru

In addition to the summer camp, Seedrioru puts on many events throughout the year. As a non-profit organization we hold fundraisers to help sustain the camp. Chief among these is the Suvihari festival, which is typically held the weekend of the summer solstice.


Suvihari 2017: June 23-25


Countdown to Suvihari!



bonfireSeedrioru holds an annual festival, called Suvihari, typically held near the summer solstice or "Jaanipäev." In Estonia, most people will gather in the country with their families and friends to celebrate the peak of summer, the way traditional folk have done for centuries. Chief among these is having a large bonfire or "Jaanituli."

At Seedrioru, we hold a weekend festival, where people are encouraged to come and camp out in one of our camping fields. Cultural performances of song and dance are put on for everyone to enjoy and celebrate Estonian culture. Sporting events such as a volleyball tournament and wife-carrying are typically held and open for anyone to participate. Traditional foods and crafts are available for purchase. The end of the night has also been host to many Jaanituled.

All funds and proceeds from this event help to fund and support the summer camp for the kids.



IMG_0063Music and singing are an important part of Estonian culture. Every five years in the capital of Estonia, Tallinn, a National Song Festival  or "Laulu-pidu" is held where up to 30,000 singers perform. National Song Festivals have been part of the Estonian tradition since 1864 and has grown over the years to be one of the largest amateur choral festivals in the world. The song festivals also played a key part in Estonia's re-establishment of independence in 1990.

At Seedrioru, we contribute to this tradition of song.The first Seedrioru Song-day or "Laulu-päev" was held June 30th, 1956. These were continued every few years for a total of four until 1966, when the Global Estonian Days or "ESTO" festivals began. Seedrioru's hiatus on Laulupäevad lasted beyond the Estonian restoration of independence. In 2008, it was decided to restart the tradition for Seedrioru Laulu-päevad.

The year  before a song festival, Seedrioru holds a  Laulupäev during the Suvihari festival. Choirs from southern Ontario and Europe, which typically sing in the Estonian National Song Festival, attend and perform. The choirs use the Seedrioru Laulupäev as preparation for the National Song Festival. The Song day is a great celebration of the Estonian culture here in Ontario, which we're always excited to host and be a part of.

Estonia is having a National Song Festival this summer in 2019. Seedrioru will likely be hosting a Song Day in 2018, the year before the next National Song Festival.


Reunion Camp

14045_6_tEvery few years Seedrioru will host a Reunion Camp for Alumni of the camp. These are great events to re-live the good old days. 


Other Events

Seedrioru also hosts other events and fundraisers for the camp. Check out the latest news or our calendar of events to see what is happening in the near future!

Laulupäev 2013 Photographer: Maimu Mölder

Laulupäev 2013
Photographer: Maimu Mölder